Extensions now available for both Firefox and Chrome

Firefox has gained a lot of exciting updates recently that make it very competitive with Chrome. Try it out if you haven’t already (I use the developer edition). Because both browsers now use the same extension API, I’ve just published my hands-free browsing extensions to both Firefox and Chrome repositories.

The first is Tab Namer (get for Firefox or Chrome), a very simple extension which renames tabs to a standard format. This makes it easier to create grammars which work for specific websites.

The second is a fork of Vimium that I’m calling Modeless Keyboard Navigation (get for Firefox or Chrome) to avoid confusion with Vimium. Unlike Vimium, the keyboard shortcuts can be used at any time, and the default bindings use modifier keys (think Emacs, not Vim). I find this much faster for voice control, where mode switching means a round-trip to Dragon.

Hope you find them useful! If you’ve discovered or created any useful browser extensions that help with voice control, please post them in the comments.

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