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Not related to coding, but hands-free coders need to have some fun too. 🙂

I discovered recently that Hearthstone can be easily played with eye/head tracking and minimal voice controls (move pointer and click), thanks to the turn-based interface, large click targets, and a high thinking-to-clicking ratio. I don’t even use a custom grammar and it works very well. If you have a good experience, you can thank Blizzard on this thread I started. Hopefully I didn’t just set the voice coding community back by a few months!

If you know of other games that play well with hands-free control, please post in the comments.

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  1. That’s awesome. I remember playing a real-time strategy game called Tom Clancy’s: End War, in which you could control pretty much everything with voice, natively. I think the servers are down nowadays, but you can still play single player if you manage to get a hold of the game (obviously).

    I’ve just set up Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 on a Windows 10 computer, and I’m positively surprised by the results, given how many people are reporting compatibility issues. I also tried entering a command into vocola, and to my surprise, it actually worked. However, dragonfly seems more powerful, I’ll look into that later.

    I’m a civil engineering student (computer science), and I’ve had issues with injuries for many years. Moving at least some of my workload to voice coding seems to be the only reasonable option, and these early results are promising to say the least.

  2. Hey James, I had saved a few posts over the years that I thought were pretty cool regarding hands free gaming, but these are the ones off the top of my head. I think that any game can possibly be played hands-free, it just depends how much time you want to spend getting adjusted haha. I found this motivational and pretty neat: https://youtu.be/XrMivdZ-mbI . Ken uses a jouse and is able to play Diablo and WoW pretty competitively using only his mouth.

    Also someone beat Dark Souls (quite difficult) using only his voice with voiceattack. I had saved a detailed post about it but can’t find it anymore but here’s an article about it. http://kotaku.com/dark-souls-player-beats-the-game-using-only-his-voice-1723104648
    Also saw others use that program for a lot of different games, and ad ons for games like skyrim.

    I think it’s best to use voice for turn based games. Hearthstone would be awesome for it like you pointed out. I haven’t looked into it, but maybe for games like Civilization and final fantasy voice could work pretty seamlessly. Take care

  3. I actually just started a blog about playing World of Warcraft 100% hands-free using DNS, Vocola 2, a foot-switch, and SmartNav. So far, it is working extremely well and lets me play without feeling guilty about using up all the hand-width that should be reserved for years as a software developer.

    All of the “technical” articles I’ve written about set-up are available here: http://thedreamgrove.com/category/hands-free/

  4. Need your help! The Talon project ( https://talonvoice.com/ began to develop a new way of controlling the computer by making different non-vocal sounds. Up to now Talon allows you to control the computer using two sounds: ssss and pop. This project seeks to expand the number of recognized sounds to more than 30 different sounds, which allows a new way to control the computer, using only a microphone.

    We need people to record as many sounds as possible, to train a neural network that can recognize all these different sounds. Takes <30 min to record and you learn fun new sounds, and help develop a new method of computer control. Partial contribution helps.

    Please share with all RSI folks.

    This is the link where you can make the recordings and contribute:

    Demo video with pop noise and eye tracking:

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