Zipping around a file with ease

To be an efficient hands-free coder, you’ll need to learn how to move the cursor around a file quickly. There are two challenges: first, since you can’t use a mouse, you can’t just click to the location to move to. You can try using an eye tracker to accomplish this, but the precision isn’t quite high enough. Second, with a keyboard you can hold a movement key and release when you reach your location, but this doesn’t translate well to voice control, which has too much latency (although you might try measuring the latency and adjusting for it). Continue reading Zipping around a file with ease

Getting Started with Eye Tracking

Update (4/27/2020): I now use a different method to integrate the tracker. See my GitHub repo README for the most up-to-date instructions.

You can do a lot just using your voice, but there are still a few times you’ll find yourself reaching for a mouse. It’s often for the silliest little things, like clicking in the empty space within a webpage to change the keyboard context. If you’re serious about not using your hands, you can use an eye tracker to eliminate these last few cases. This post will teach you how to get started. Make sure you’ve read my introductory post on voice coding, since will be building upon that. Continue reading Getting Started with Eye Tracking